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For folks who attended my MSDN Event yesterday in Reston, covering WPF, Windows Vista Security, and .NET 3.5 SP1, here’s where you can get the decks and some of the code from those talks (I’m seeing if we can get the rest of the code up there, or if there’s another way I can get it in your hands – it’s up, see update 2):

Mike Benkovich has also posted some resources for these talks, as has my fellow Mid-Atlantic DE Lindsay Rutter.

I’ll update this post with a link if I can get the rest of the code online.


A couple of folks asked at my Reston and Richmond talks about what happens if you use BitLocker drive encryption to encrypt your hard drive, and your PC fails, since one part of BitLocker verifies the startup configuration of your system, and will not decrypt the drive and boot the OS unless the verification is successful.

The good news is that BitLocker supports a simple recovery mechanism. When you first enable BitLocker, you will be prompted to choose where to store the recovery key, which you can print out or store on a removable device such as a USB memory stick, among other options.

If the system configuration changes, or if for some reason you need to move your drive to another machine, BitLocker will enter recovery mode, and you will be required to enter the recovery key in order to decrypt the data on the drive. So as long as you keep your recovery key in a safe place, a hardware failure in your PC need not mean saying good-bye to your data.

Here are a couple of good places to read up on this:


The MSDN Events Resources page has now been updated with the demo code from all three sessions. So if you were looking to grab the code, go get it now!

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