VSLive: Geocoding, RSS, and Mapping, Oh My!

[bumping to the top for the benefit of folks who attended my CapArea.net talk on this topic]

Here are links to tools and tips that I mentioned in my talk this afternoon on Geocoding, RSS, and Mapping at VSLive! New York:

Sign Up for a MapPoint Web Service Evaluation account:

MapPoint Developer Center:

Argotic Syndication Framework:

W3C Feed Validator:

GeoRSS Info:

Virtual Earth ASP.NET Map Control Download (part of Windows Live Tools CTP):

Virtual Earth ASP.NET Map Control Docs:

Virtual Earth Developer Center:

Virtual Earth Online SDK:

Got a question that didn’t get answered during/after the talk? Feel free to drop me a line via the Contact link above.

UPDATE: I’ve added an attachment to this post with the demo code from this session. The ZIP file does not contain the Argotic Syndication Framework and Windows Live Tools binaries, so you will need to download those to run some of the demos. See the README for more details.


Comments (3)

  1. Brian Kuhn says:

    Is there any where I might find your talk online in an audio or video format?

  2. DEvHammer says:

    Hi Brian,

    Unfortunately, this talk is not currently available online. I will be presenting this talk at several user groups during the fall, and will probably also set up a webcast on the topic, so stay tuned for more info.


  3. Brian Kuhn says:

    Cool, looking forward to seeing your talk.

    I am the guy who created Argotic, and was interested in seeing/hearing your feedback on it and how you are using it in your talk.

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