Find Nearby Events with Windows Live Search Mobile and Community Megaphone

My colleague Glen Gordon has found a new use for the geoencoded RSS feed from Community Megaphone, namely using it as the basis for a custom Collection in Windows Live Search for Mobile:

If you haven't been entering your developer events like user group meetings and code camps into the extremely useful site called Community Megaphone (put together by my coworker Andrew), you really should start. Not only can people find your upcoming events easily, there are ways to search by state and event type. And the site always displays the next upcoming events (archiving past ones automatically). Kudos to Andrew for being able to select multiple states at the same time!

In addition to the site functionality, there's a highly useful RSS feed for Community Megaphone. So just add the feeds to your favorite RSS reader and away you go.

Meanwhile, in a parallel thread, I've been really enjoying using Windows Live Search Mobile (WLSM) on my phone. Whenever I want to find businesses, addresses (one-off or from my contacts), movies, gas prices or traffic while I'm out (or even when I'm not) I reach for this little app.

Anyway, a few days ago I got the idea that if WLSM can find businesses and addresses near a location, maybe there's a way to find events on Community Megaphone that are near me. Well, Andrew had the forethought to encode the location information for each event into the feed using GeoRSS. So it turns out there's a super easy way to do what I want, using the new feature of WLSM called Collections. Here's how to do it.

The screenshot shown is what you get when you add the Community Megaphone main feed as a collection, with the events sorted by distance from the current location. You can then map the event(s), get directions, and more. Read the whole post for instructions and more screenshots.

Pla.NET Southeast! : Use Windows Live Search Mobile and Community Megaphone to find developer events near you

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