Baltimore Zoo

In my last post, I mentioned taking a family trip to the Baltimore Zoo. For folks in the area who haven’t been there, I’d definitely recommend making the trip, as there are great opportunities to get up close with animals that you will rarely see. Here are some photos from the trip:

Here’s a Kookaburra, which has the largest head I’ve seen on a bird this size. This was right at the entrance to the Zoo.

Here’s a Toucan…I didn’t know before yesterday that their tongues are feathered to aid in swallowing their food.

A female Harris Hawk is held by a trainer. Amazing bird, and this photo was taken with almost no zoom. That’s how close you can get.

Watching the polar bear swim. Hard not to be impressed with how graceful that large a creature can be in the water.

Comments (2)

  1. Pete Brown says:

    Cool stuff. Hope you all had fun.

    Melissa and I have been there once before, but didn’t have kids at the time. We’re planning on bringing Ben later this week or early next. We did the aquarium thing last week, which he really dug.

    I know he’d love the Toucan!


  2. alvinashcraft says:

    I totally agree with you about the Maryland Zoo. I live midway between Philadelphia and Baltimore, and deciding which of the two zoos to visit is a no-brainer for my family. My kids love it.

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