Community Megaphone Goes Mobile

image For those of you who may have missed it, Chris Craft has been running a cool blog series called 30 Days of .NET [Windows Mobile Applications]. I'm delighted to report that Chris, after some discussions last weekend at the INETA Carolinas Leadership Summit, decided to integrate the GeoRSS-enabled feed from Community Megaphone into his day 29 app, the Community Megaphone Reader.

The app really highlights the advantage of having location information available in the feed, because after pulling in the events from the feed, it sorts them by distance using the built-in GPS on your phone. I ran the app on my Samsung BlackJack II, and it did a nice job of sorting events, from 23 miles away to more than a thousand.

I'll have more posts to come on how easy it was to add GeoRSS support to Community Megaphone using the open-source Argotic Syndication Framework, and some of the additional advantages having geolocation info in the feed opened up (such as being able to drive virtual earth with the feed), but for now, I just wanted to say thanks to Chris for such a cool use of CM.

Forgive the low-quality pic, but I wanted to show the app running on actual hardware, and I don't currently have a remote-control app installed on the BlackJack II.

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