Kudos to Dean Kamen

For all that I've definitely been a skeptic of some of his other projects, particularly the hype-ridden (but nonetheless fun-to-ride) Segway, Dean Kamen's latest project is nothing short of inspirational:

If Kamen and his team can pull this off, and bring it into production at anything like a reasonable price, he will have changed the lives of many of the brave men and women who've been injured in the defense of their country. This is truly an exceptional example of technology being turned towards the good.

h/t gizmodo

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  1. Great Technology!

    I wonder how they will configure the strength in the arm? Will the arm be super-strong, or will they ‘tune’ it to the person’s own strength.


  2. DEvHammer says:

    The video doesn’t speak to comparative strength, but one remarkable thing is that it uses feedback to tighten the straps when the arm is under load, so it’s more comfortable over the long haul, but tightens up as necessary to support when necessary.

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