Zune Clock Has Arrived!

imageYou know you've wanted it, you know you've been waiting for it. So...BEHOLD...I GIVE YOU...The ZUNE CLOCK!!!

Thanks to the magic that is XNA Game Studio Express 3.0 CTP, we can now put a clock on the Zune. Personally, I've always just relied on my watch, but I understand a lot of folks have wanted this.

Get it at ZuneBoards.com.

Note that you need to have XNA Game Studio Express installed in order to build and deploy this software to your Zune.

(and stealing shamelessly from Hanselman, who got it from Jeff Atwood)




Works On My Machine Disclaimer: This link carries exactly zero warranty or support. If it deletes files or kills your family pet, you have been warned. It might work great, and it might not.

Comments (4)
  1. Very cool — nice to have a clock on something besides my phone. But I have one question, what’s a watch? (^_^)

    Blake Handler

    Microsoft MVP

  2. Rod Trent says:

    Causes the Zune to reboot every time you exit the program.

  3. DEvHammer says:

    @Rod Trent:

    Yup. See my disclaimer. It’s a CTP. Not final.

  4. tekFishy says:

    The reboot problem is a bugg in XNA it does it with all apps

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