what would you do if you were a Microsoft Evangelist?

Anand asks a great question, and one I'd love to hear feedback on as well:

I've been a Microsoft Evangelist for a few years now. From an inside-out perspective, it seems like things are going well. We spend a lot of time before a fiscal year begins laying out our goals. And typically, we do the best job we can to execute. But the thing about this job is that you don't really know what you are missing. Is meeting the goals we set out for ourselves good enough? As Microsoft ambassadors, are we doing what we are supposed to be doing?

So, help me help you. What would you do if you were a Microsoft evangelist? I understand that I haven't defined either what an evangelist is, what we do, or what our typical goals tend to be. But if you had the opportunity to set your own goals, and be an evangelist at Microsoft, what would you do?

Why would you want to do this?

  • Help influence change, internally and externally
  • Maybe you want to be an Evangelist someday? (Two years ago, I met someone at an MSDN Event who told me he wanted to be an Evangelist. He started working with me on a lot of events I was doing here in the Valley. We recently made him an offer to join our team as an Evangelist. I had no idea how good he was till he started working with me, and I referred him for the job)
  • For the experience, perhaps?

I really appreciate your feedback. Really.

So...design your dream job as a Developer Evangelist, and tell me what you'd be doing. And help me understand what I can be doing better.

Artificial Ignorance - Anand Iyer's Blog : what would you do if you were a Microsoft Evangelist?

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  1. Emad Ibrahim says:

    I am glad you asked.  I would love to be a microsoft evangelist.  I mean in a way I am, except that I dont’ get paid for it.  I have lots of issues with Microsoft but I am also a huge fan.

    I think Microsoft have screwed tremendously on the web and is always playing catchup.  google maps, google apps, gmail, firefox, adsense, ruby, amazon services etc…

    I think Microsoft is starting to do a better job and I hope it’s not too late, because I don’t want to learn a whole new stack of technologies 🙂

    Enough ranting, I would like to see Microsoft do more to create raging fans and inspire open source projects and stuff like that…  I actually thought about creating a microsoft fan site that would create cool online apps on asp.net, wpf, silverlight and so on.

    I just launched yonkly.com using the mvc framework – more on my blog.  I LOVE mvc and I hope microsoft would do more to make it catch fire…

    Also what is the deal with product names at MS?  Can’t you guys come up with cool names? 🙂  Try getting names that can be used as a verb…   i can google someone but i can’t live search :)…  skype me not msn live messenger me 🙂

    Sorry if i am not making sense, i am trying to type this and listen to my entire family ask me questions…  my dad is trying to explain to me how to turn your computer into a tv 🙂

  2. DEvHammer says:


      Thanks for the comment. I have to kind of agree/disagree on the web stuff. I think we’ve done a lot of good stuff on the platform side, but I’d have to agree that there’s still work to be done on the services side, particularly in terms of sending a consistent message. I do think that the Windows Live team is doing a lot of cool stuff, for example Windows Live Writer, which I would not want to blog without.

      Product names? Can’t really argue there, although if you look at XBOX, Zune, Silverlight, etc., I think you’d have to admit that we’re getting a little better. I don’t think you’d find too many folks in my group who wouldn’t have preferred Avalon and Indigo, but unfortunately, code names rarely end up being final product names for a variety of good reasons.

      Can you elaborate on what you think evangelists need to do better or differently to "create raging fans"? I know some of the things we think can help there, but it’s good to have an outside opinion.

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