Richmond Geek Dinner

Justin Etheridge let me know that he's putting together a geek dinner in Richmond on February 26th 19th at 7:00pm. The dinner will be at the Capital Ale House in Innsbrook. More details on Justin's blog.

You can sign up here.

Would you like to host a geek dinner? Or get the word out of a similar local event? Feel free to contact me, and I'll be happy to help promote your event. Or drop by Community Megaphone, and add your event to the list there.

UPDATE: Due to an adjacent community event, the geek dinner has been rescheduled for February 19th.

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Comments (4)

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  3. Tony Toews says:

    Now would that be Richmond, British Columbia, Canada or somewhere else in the world which is also named Richmond?

  4. DEvHammer says:

    Tony, you’re right to question my assumption that folks would just know. Much, if not most of my readership is from within the Mid-Atlantic region of the US, and for them, it would be pretty clear that I meant Richmond, Virginia. But I appreciate the reminder that some of my readership, at least, hails from many other parts of the globe.

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