Philly.NET Code Camp 2008.1 Call for Speakers

From the fine folks at the User Group: is planning three Code Camp events in 2008. They will be spaced four months apart with the first on January 12. We have a new venue at DeVry University and hope to get 400 attendees. We are looking for speakers to fill 48 sessions. You are encouraged to submit one or two talks on any .NET related topic (this includes SQL, SharePoint, BizTalk and other servers). There will be 8 concurrent tracks with 6 eighty minute talks. Here is a tentative schedule:










If you would like to speak on January 12, please send an email to Bill Wolff with a session title, topic description, and bio. We will add these to the web site and the email announcement that goes out to 3,000+. If you prefer a specific session time, let me know. We will try and accommodate as the schedule permits.

Since there are only 48 sessions, we would like to limit each speaker to one really good talk. We have events planned every four months so you can do different talks at each Code Camp to keep things interesting. We would also like to see one novice/beginners level session in each track. Here are the tracks and track leaders:

Tools (includes VS, languages) - Travis LaBorde, Mark Magliocco

Clients (web, smart client, silverlight, wpf) - Andy Schwam, Bill Wolff

Framework (wcf, wf, linq) - Marc Ziss, Steve Andrews - Brian Donahue

Architecture - Mitch Ruebush

SharePoint/OBA - David Mann

SQL Admin - Sharon Dooley, Chuck Urwiler

SQL Dev/BI - Vince Napoli, Dan Hartshorn

Remember, this is a CODE CAMP. You don't need polished slides, just some interesting code or applications that developers might enjoy and learn from!

Bill's promised to send me the attendee link soon...I will post it as soon as I have it.

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