Zune 2 Arrives tomorrow. Get Yours Laser-etched…Free

I'm so there.

11-12Red_Zune_Base_V1[1]-sm For the first time, consumers also will have the option to customize their Zune player with laser-engraved designs and personal text through a new Web store called Zune Originals. Customers will be able to purchase a Zune player directly from Microsoft at http://www.zuneoriginals.net and choose from a collection of laser-engraved artwork designed exclusively for Zune by 18 internationally recognized artists.

“We’re bringing the entire category to the next level by empowering consumers to play a role in redefining the digital music experience,” said J Allard, corporate vice president for Zune. “Zune brings music discovery and acquisition into one simple, end-to-end solution, and the addition of unique customization options puts the originality back into portable entertainment.”

Zune Originals Gives Consumers a New Canvas

Consumers no longer need to settle for the same portable media player as everybody else. The new Zune Originals online store will let people make a unique statement by customizing their Zune with laser-engraved art or personal text. Zune worked with 18 accomplished artists from all over the world to create a collection of 27 different designs, called the Artist Series, which will be available exclusively through Zune Originals. In addition to the Artist Series, a separate Tattoo Series will feature 20 graphics that consumers can have laser-engraved on their Zune with up to three lines of text. Alternatively, people can choose to engrave up to five lines of text in place of a design. On the Zune Originals Web site, customers can choose their Zune (Zune 80GB, Zune 8GB or Zune 4GB), pick a color and then select a design and their desired text.

I'll have to decide if I want to get one of the graphics from the Artist series, or have some custom text, but what a cool way to personalize my Zune. More details on the customization, including a boatload of pictures, here:


via Press Pass.

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