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My colleague Joe Healy shares some cool Silverlight news:

Local Tampa XNA and Silverlight rockstar Bill Reiss (the dr popper guy) ported the Farseer 2D physics engine from XNA to Silverlight ( ). He even got an official 'nod' from the Farseer owner, Jeff Weber (!B95A63DF4C9C0F2A!339.entry ). I see a ton of potential for SL in the casual games market. Bill changed less than 100 lines of code to get the physics engine ported. The engine and demos are stunning. And yet another great codeplex project under Microsoft Permissive License.

Bill has a neat product niche where he will write custom SL games branded for your company. Need any custom games? Check him out.

Note that Bill Reiss will be at Boston Remix. If you'd like to chat with him about his physics engine, I plan on making him watch the bucs spank Indianapolis (or at least cover the 10.5 point spread) at the Hyatt bar on Sunday at 400p. Hunt us up!

Farseer download:
Farseer silverlight live demo:

UPDATE: Got to hang out a bit with Bill last night after ReMIX wrapped up. Wicked smart guy, and nice to boot.

DevFish.Net :: silverlight 2D physics engine open sourced by Bill

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Comments (2)

  1. Joe Healy says:

    You didn’t fess up how he kicked your arse at poker.

  2. DEvHammer says:

    Yeah, yeah…this from the guy who went out with pocket Aces to not one, but two small sets. Sometimes you even have to fold Aces, my friend…and then you, too can make it to the end.

    I was happy to chop with Bill…he had most of the chips, and he’s probably smarter than me by a good bit, so it would’ve been a bad bet to keep going.

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