Scott Guthrie announces ASP.NET MVC framework

Jeffrey Palermo is at the conference going on in Austin, TX, and has some very interesting news:

Scott Guthrie proposed a topic at the Alt.Net Conference today, and the topic was an overview of the MVC Framework his team is working on.  His topic is actually the first timeslot of the conference at 9:30am tomorrow morning.  Just about everyone showed interest, so I wouldn't be surprised to see most of the folks just listening.

Scott and I had supper after the opening, and I received a personal demo of the prototype.  First, here are some of the goals:

  • Natively support TDD model for controllers.
  • Provide ASPX (without viewstate or postbacks) as a view engine
  • Provide a hook for other view engines from MonoRail, etc.
  • Support IoC containers for controller creation and DI on the controllers
  • Provide complete control over URLs and navigation
  • Be pluggable throughout
  • Separation of concerns
  • Integrate nicely within ASP.NET
  • Support static as well as dynamic languages

I'm sure I missed some of the goals, and more people will blog their takeaways since this all is public information.

There's more, so read the whole thing.

altnetconf - Scott Guthrie announces ASP.NET MVC framework at Alt.Net Conf - Jeffrey Palermo [MVP]

Comments (3)

  1. Manitra says:

    Great news 🙂

    I was waiting for that for so long time.

  2. Codeville says:

    At last! Finally ASP.NET is catching up with the rest of the web development world.

    I’ve been building a related control library for ASP.NET (now open-source) that makes it easy to do client-side MVC user interfaces. It’s very streamlined, check out the demos.

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