Nick Landry on XNA

My colleague Peter Laudati notes an appearance by Nick Landry at the NYC .NET Developers group:

Speaking of Nick Landry, if you weren't at the NYC .NET Developers group last week, you missed out on a great presentation about game programming for Windows & the XBox 360 using C# and XNA.   Nick recently had an article published in Code Magazine about XNA programming.  He spent the evening showing folks how to write games like Pong for the 360! 

The attentive crowd would have stayed all night to see the games that Nick had developed and the .NET code behind them.  But Bill Zack, the user group leader, had to chase them out at about 9 PM (an hour after the user group meetings usually end at 8)!  Nick has posted his slide deck and code on his blog.

That's good timing, since it provides me a hook to promote his appearance on this week's geekSpeak, which I will be co-hosting with Glen Gordon. You can register for this sure-to-be-cool geekSpeak here.

JrzyShr Dev Guy : XNA Game Programming at the NYC .NET Developers Group

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