Silverlight Mouse Events

Scott Allen has some interesting observations on Silverlight and user interaction:

There is no mouse double-click event on UIElements in Silverlight.

Some people think this is an odd omission. Silverlight's cousin WPF can fire a double-click event, so why not Silverlight? Even JavaScript can catch double-click events inside a web page (although in true web fashion, the exact behavior depends on the combination of browser version, operating system, and the current phase of the moon – see Jan Wolter's Javascript Madness: Mouse Events for all the gory details).

You can still detect a double click using a mouse up event handler and a timestamp - but should you? The omission of a double-click event wasn't because of a technical limitation – the omission is a deliberate design decision. Silverlight is built for the web, and many consider double-clicking on the web to be a usability no-no.

Read the whole thing for more.

K. Scott Allen : Mice, Usability, and Silverlight

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