Halo 3 Rocks

OK, so I suppose it's no surprise. But after a couple of days of owning it, I am completely impressed with Halo 3. The first day I played through a good portion of campaign mode (on Normal...I'll surely try a harder level in the future). As suggested by the recent Wired Magazine article, it's clear that a great deal of time and effort went into making the levels very playable. While there are definitely places where I died several times trying to figure out how to get through, there weren't any times when I felt like it was too hard.

Tried multiplayer for the first time last night, taking advantage of the friends-only feature to ensure that I didn't end up getting trashed by a bunch of strangers. It's always less humiliating to get beat by friends or co-workers somehow, however weird that may sound.

I'm not going to get all crazy and call this the best video game ever, particularly since I haven't played the full BioShock yet, but it's a darn fine game. In a world of anemic or just plain lousy games, a sequel that plays this well, and looks this good, is a true rarity. And Halo 3 is more than good enough to stand on its own, even if it weren't the third in the installment.

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And last, but not least, no gamer regret yet. Certainly not on this game.

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