Windows Live Writer wins a fan

...and it's clearly not someone who's very fond of Microsoft:

I have a new and blossoming relationship, with a blog editor, and it’s from . . . gulp . . . Microsoft. I’m trying not to feel icky about it, and that’s not hard because there is so much to like about Windows Live Writer. It’s a cinch to set up the connection to your blog, even WordPress blogs (single and multi-user versions). You can have multiple blog connections and switch between them effortlessly. If you ever want to get to the dashboard of your blog, there is a link that you click (labeled Manage Weblog) that will get you to your admin pages.

Read the whole post. Lots of good info on why WLW wrocks!

Windows Live Writer has become one of those indispensable tools for me...I really cannot imagine going back to blogging via the web interface on my blog. I had tried numerous offline blogging tools in the past, and they always left me wanting, and I'd go back to the web interface, despite lost posts, poor editor experience, etc. Windows Live Writer has made blogging a pure pleasure...rather than something that I love doing, but hate the tools with which I ended up doing it.

Note...the most recent beta release of WLW uses an integrated installer that allows you to also install other Windows Live services...just wanted to give folks a heads up, since this isn't yet clear from the Windows Live Writer landing page.

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