Michael C. Kennedy’s Visual Studio Tricks Series: #3 Managing the Recent Projects List

How cool...Michael took a hack I mentioned in a post a while back, and turned it into a useful tool:

Welcome to my third Visual Studio tricks post. This time it's more of a utility, than a tip. I want to talk about managing the recently projects list. If you're like me, then you work with many different projects (especially after I teach a class) and your recent project list becomes polluted with projects you don't care about.

In this post, "Recent Projects in Visual Studio 2005", .net DEvHammer discusses how to access the registry to alter that list.
Well, I didn't feel like going to the registry everytime I wanted to clean that list. So I whipped up a simple UI to manage that list (basically manage that registry list).

Thanks, Michael!

BTW, the usual caveats about downloaded software, particularly software that alters the registry, apply. It's up to you to decide if you're OK downloading third-party software.

Michael C. Kennedy's Weblog - Visual Studio Tricks Series: #3 Managing the Recent Projects List

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  1. Thanks for linking this.


  2. ASPInsiders says:

    Michael Kennedy, who wrote a useful utility for managing the recent project list on the Visual Studio

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