NoVA Code Camp 2007.02

Planning for the next Northern Virginia Code Camp is getting underway, and Jeff is looking for your feedback:

It's time to start talking about another code camp in Northern Virginia, 2007.02.  We're still in the formative stages, registration isn't set up yet, but we need to have a conversation about what you want to see at this code camp.

Preliminary details: Nov 17, 2007 at the Microsoft office in Reston, VA.

What kind of topics do you want to see this time around?  One of my biggest questions is which framework are you developing on most of the time?  Now?  Six months from now?  I've got a client that's still using ASP.NET 1.1 and SQL Server 2000; I don't think discussions on VS 2008 and SQL Server 2008 would be very useful for developers in that situation.  However, if you're planning to upgrade in the next 6 months it's probably useful to know if you should skip 2005 and go straight to the 2008, especially if you're including Ajax or any of the W*F components.

So here is what I need from you (please respond in comments):

  1. What framework and tools are you using now or do you see yourself using in six months?
  2. If you could write your own schedule and find the best speakers to present on those topics what sessions would you want to attend?
  3. Are you interested in seeing or participating in "lightning talks"?  Lightning talks are very short, 5-10 minutes, and would be done in rapid succession.  I'd hope to get 8-12 done in an hour, maybe during the lunch break.

Help make this a great code camp by giving Jeff some feedback!


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