LINQ and Geocoding

This is both cool and geeky:

There’s a lot you can do with LINQ and the new C# goodies that are coming up in .NET 3.0. In previous posts I’ve talked about LinqToSql, vars and Lambdas, and using LINQ to query things other than a DB. Today I want to try to do something a little more applicable and business-oriented to show just how far you can push LINQ and LinqToSQL. I’m putting on my geek hat today, cowboy size…

Geocoding Basics
Mapping applications are everywhere, and having “locational awareness” is paramount when running customer-related applications. Gathering stats about a user’s IP can tell you a lot about their physical location, which in turn can tell you a lot about the market you’re serving.

The core of geocoding is setting an address or location to a point on the globe using Latitude and Longitude.

H/T - Christopher Steen

LINQ and Geocoding « Rob Conery

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