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OK, I just saw this while checking out Chad's Sliverlight/Flash writeup:

The rocket launcher has no sensors to detect position or movement. There are some rough ways to estimate and track that I am experimenting with. However I also noted that I have two Wiimotes, and since the Wiimote has motion sensors that can detect axis in three dimensions, why not try the other Wiimote? It works perfectly well. I am still experimenting with the code a bit.

So my first reaction was...Hmmm...I wonder if you could get these guys working with the XBOX 360? Wouldn't it be cool if whenever you got whacked in HALO 3, it shot a rocket at you? Or even better, if you could shoot one at your buddy ("must...resist..urge to buy more toys")?

Rocket Add Ons [Kudzu World]

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  1. Did you see the blog entery about the Wiimote with XNA? That made it on Digg… And I already have the Rocket Launcher hooked  to XNA too.. 🙂

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