Condense Your Day With the Life-Hacking FAQK

Nice that someone has a sense of humor and perspective about "life hacking":

What will life hacking do for me?

Productivity is within your grasp! Using life hacking tips, you can compress the activities of your daily life into less time, freeing up untold hours to spend reading life-hacking blogs, which in turn will allow you to compress your activities further, freeing up more time to read about life hacking, and so forth. Eventually, and with proper dedication, your life will be condensed into a productivity singularity, an activity so dense that fun cannot escape.

My other favorites:

What is life hacking? Is it like computer hacking? Is someone going to break into my life? Will my dog like him better than me?

OK, hold on, one question at a time. Life hacking has little or nothing to do with home invasion. It's the practice of using clever little tips and tricks to make your life easier, more efficient or more productive.

Really? That sounds kind of familiar. Hasn't it been around for a while?

Yes, previously it was known as Hints From Heloise.

Heloise must be so proud...

Condense Your Day With the Life-Hacking FAQK

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