Wallhogs…stickers for grownups

One of the cool things about digital photography is the creative things people have come up with to use digital photos. We've gone from keychains and calendars by mail order, to a whole array of photo options online, from coffee mugs, to poster size enlargements, all with just an upload and a click of the mouse.

One new variation on the standard enlargement is the blowup cutout...something that's been available from commercial signmakers for years, but is now available and affordable for consumers at Wallhogs.com. What I especially like are the semi-adhesive vinyl enlargements.

Reusable Vinyl WallhogThese remind me of some stickers I got for my son's room with characters from the movie Cars. They can be stuck to the wall, peeled off and moved, and restuck, over and over. But these are made for grownups, too.

What's especially cool is that you don't have to figure out the cutout...they do it for you. So you can get a self-stick of your favorite skyline (such as this one I took from the Jersey side of the Hudson River in 2004),


or your kid's best sports moment, or whatever you can get on film (or pixels, as the case may be). They've also got stock photos you can get blown up, including multi-packs perfect for kids (construction, jet fighters, motorcycles, etc.).

The prices seem pretty reasonable, so the next time I'm looking for a cool gift idea, or an unusual decoration, I'll probably look them up again.

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  1. David Yack says:

    The cutout is really cool especially if they do a good job of it.  I always screw up one area when I do it in photoshop!

  2. Thanks for the kind words.  We always love hearing from our fans. We also have a photographers program which allows photographers to sell custom wallhogs directly to their customer base.  Feel free to reach out if you want more info.  kendall @ wallhogs.com


    Kendall Schoenrock


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