What do you carry with you?

Canadian ASPInsider Eli Robillard provides his answer to the burning question: 

What do you carry with you?

Among my favorites:

Eli definitely carries more gear than I do on the road. In fact, I've started paring down my travel kit, particularly if I'm only traveling for a couple to a few days. Rather than bring my big rolling laptop case, I take out the insert that came with it and bring only my must-haves:

  • Power strip
  • Power supply for my Dell Latitude D820
  • The aforementioned Microsoft Presenter Mouse 8000.
  • Network cable (rarely needed, but priceless when wireless isn't available) 

Carrying less allows me to always carry on my luggage when flying (avoiding the hassles of baggage claim), while leaving a little room for my feet in front of me, even if I have to put my laptop under the seat.

Speaking of legroom, if you travel by air with any frequency, you must bookmark SeatGuru.com. This is an awesome resource that provides layouts for all of the aircraft fleets of all the major airlines, including which seats you should avoid, and which seats you should get when possible. It's already made flying more comfortable for me on the last couple of flights I've taken (or at least as much more comfortable is possible, given things like inebriated fellow passengers, overcrowding, and long lines in the terminals).

What do you carry with you? - Eli Robillard's World of Blog.

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    Or you could just not fly at all until they kill f**** laden!

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