Stuff That Works: Sharpie Mini

Today, I'm starting a new series of posts on Stuff That Works. This will include gadgets, devices, and some non-electronic stuff (such as today's post) that just plain work, and work well.

Today's item is the Sharpie MINI, a pocket-sized Sharpie marker that can hang on your key-chain.

Sharpie MINI I've had one of these on my key-chain for several weeks, and it's very useful to always have a Sharpie on hand.

A few of the things that qualify it as Stuff That Works:

  1. It's always handy, since I almost always have my keys with me.
  2. Good design...small enough to fit in a pocket, big enough not to run out with 2 uses, and the key-chain doohickey features a removable/breakaway cap, so that you can take it off the key-chain, and so it won't break off.
  3. It's waterproof. No, not the ink...the marker itself, as I discovered recently by washing it. It came through intact, both still working, and without having leaked on my clothes.

Got any gadgets or toys that you think qualify as Stuff That Works? Send me an email, or comment below.

Comments (3)

  1. Sahil Malik says:

    Now why is that *So* darned useful, Andrew?

  2. You might also like the Sharpie Micro Permanent Marker, which is just like the Sharpie Mini, only in ultra-fine tip. They work nicely on index cards (I’m a lofi / "Hipster PDA" kind of guy). I’ve found that both Minis and Micros make good emergency / "holdout" writing instruments: the form factor, marker ink, and keychain attachment all do their part in preventing them from "slipping away quietly through wormholes in space" to enjoy a uniquely Sharpie lifestyle.

  3. DEvHammer says:

    @Sahil – It’s useful because if you give me a sharpie and some duct tape, I can do just about anything. Sharpies are second only to duct tape in usefulness, and a Sharpie that’s always with me is a Good Thing ™.

    @James – Thanks for the tip (no pun intended)!

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