Wireless charging: Here at last

I'm so there

Imagine if your smart phone was as advanced as your toothbrush -- at least in the charging department. That would be cooler than your peppermint toothpaste.

If you've got one of those high-end vibrating toothbrushes, or any of several waterproof electric shavers, then you already own a device capable of a neat trick called wireless charging.

When you put that toothbrush in its charging cradle, you'll notice that no metal contacts are exposed for the electricity to charge the batteries. The toothbrush charges magically, right through the plastic.

Don't look now, but that very same technology is coming soon to your cell phone, your iPod -- even your laptop. 2007 is the year that truly mainstream wirelessly charging products finally go on sale.

Soon as one's available, I'll be in line.

Wireless charging: Here at last

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