The end of the plug?

So if this really works, I wonder how long before we can get these at Tech-Ed, so we can all use our laptops and phones to our hearts content, without trying to snag a seat near a power outlet:

Scientists have sounded the death knell for the plug and power lead.

In a breakthrough that sounds like something out of Star Trek, they have discovered a way of 'beaming' power across a room into a light bulb, mobile phone or laptop computer without wires or cables.

In the first successful trial of its kind, the team was able to illuminate a 60-watt light bulb 7ft away.

The end of the plug? Scientists invent wireless device that beams electricity through your home | the Daily Mail

Comments (2)

  1. Dave says:

    I’ve never been to a big conference where they’ve managed to get the WiFi working, so I don’t hold out much hope for Wireless Power (WiPo?).

  2. timheuer says:

    who is going to commission the first health risk study of wattage beaming through your open air in your home in an unsheilded manner?

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