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Are you using Windows Live Writer for blogging? If not, why not? In addition to supporting rich WYSIWYG creation and editing of blog posts, it natively supports inserting pictures and automatically uploading them to your blog (if your blogging software supports the required API), inserting maps, tables, and tags for things like Technorati, you can also download a number of add-ins to provide even more functionality from the Windows Live Gallery:

Link to Windows Live Writer Gallery

The current lineup includes plug-ins for inserting video, code from Visual Studio, screenshots from the Vista snipping tool, and more. Definitely makes blogging a lot easier, and richer.

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  1. ScottIsAFool says:

    Worth mentioning that the gallery for Writer is only viewable if your browser is set to en-us, otherwise it will give an error. For instructions on how to change the locale for your browser, visit my blog here!FE151030F50B5B37!266.entry


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