Fuel cell charger?

Interesting story in CIO about a company producing Microsoft-branded fuel cell-based recharging devices. Whether the speculated purposes are true (Zune and/or Windows Mobile devices), this sounds kinda cool. And since I own both, I'm very interested in seeing where this goes.

Engadget also has an item on this.

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  1. Fuel cell for electronics. (From .net DEvHammer )…not to be the cynic, but how much are these going

  2. DEvHammer says:

    Heh…it’s a gadget (or gadget accessory). At least until I have one in hand, it’s more about how cool it would be to have one than about cost.

    That said, if the plan is for this to be a recharger for mobile devices of some sort, the price point would have to be reasonable if we (or anyone else) wants them to sell.

  3. That’s according to this article in PC World , which says that the rumor of a Microsoft-branded recharger,

  4. DEvHammer says:

    Whoops…turns out I didn’t get all of the comment/trackback from Geeky Storytelling. They were actually wondering how much a fuel cell recharger would screw up airport security.

    Given my experiences with things like cigar cutters and pipe tools (as in tobacco pipes), I’m guessing that initially they will not be allowed. But given that I just posted an update noting that these are not for resale, but rather meant as giveaways, I’m guessing that it may not be much of an issue.

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