Post-nap Update


So I've just gotten up from my mandated post-Lasik nap, and here are my initial thoughts:

  1. Wow, it's amazing how much better I'm seeing already.

  2. Wow, the procedure is amazingly fast (the actual laser firing is less than a minute, and I'd guess about another minute or two for prep)

  3. Wow, it's really uncomfortable in the time between the procedure and napping (despite the numbing drops and drugs they gave me, there was a lot of discomfort...not quite to the level of what I'd call pain, and I would've been hard pressed to open my eyelids on the drive home)

I'll keep this brief since I'm not really supposed to be spending time on the computer. Another report after my 24-hour follow up tomorrow.

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  1. Sahil Malik says:

    Hey Andrew, Can you elaborate a bit more on #3?

  2. DEvHammer says:

    Sure. Regarding #3, I’d had a number of folks who’d had lasik tell me that, contrary to what some folks say, it’s painful. I don’t agree with that assessment. The procedure itself was painless. Between the procedure and when I finally fell asleep, the discomfort was one of feeling that I could not open my eyelids (try having someone drive you home with your eyes close, but not sleeping…it’s a weird sensation), combined with discomfort from light sensitivity.

    So to reiterate…for me, at least, it never got to the point of what I’d call painful, but it’s not something I’d rush to do every day, either. And again, once I got up from my nap I was fine. My eyes don’t yet feel 100% "normal" but I wouldn’t expect that yet. But my eyesight is definitely dramatically improved.

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