Go Elite on April 29th!

Very cool news on the XBOX 360 front...

For those of you who are wondering how you're going to fit all the high-def movie and TV content currently on the XBOX Live Marketplace on to your 20GB hard drive on the current XBOX 360, wonder no more. According to this article in The Seattle Times, on April 29th, we'll be launching the XBOX 360 Elite, a sleek black version of the console sporting a 120GB hard drive and new HDMI outputs for high-def audio and video, all for only $480.

There will also be an accessory version of the 120GB hard drive, for folks who already have a 360. I'm trying to decide whether to get just the hard drive, or buy the new console and use my current one as another media extender in another room.

On a related front, for those of you who are into gaming, I recently picked up a copy of Crackdown, which is a game in the Grand Theft Auto vein, except instead of playing a criminal and doing stuff that some folks (myself included) find a bit iffy at best, you get to play a supercop, taking down gang kingpins in the fictional Pacific City. Crackdown's pretty cool, and pretty expansive, allowing you to explore not just the surface of the game world, but also explore vertically, both indoors and out.

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