AJAX Debugging Just Got Easier

Nikhil Kothari, who's one of the brains behind many things ASP.NET, has just released an update to a cool utility he calls the WebDevelopmentHelper. WebDevelopmentHelper allows you to inspect the HTTP requests being sent to and from a web application, which can be very helpful in troubleshooting when something's going wrong.

Nikhil's now added support for viewing the traffic generated by requests made in the context of an AJAX UpdatePanel control, as well as the ability to inspect JSON data. He's also added some documentation for the tool, which should make it even easier to use.

So if you've wondered how to see what's being generated when you click a link or control that's inside an UpdatePanel...wonder no more. Download the WebDevelopmentHelper, and find out!

[Hat Tip: Scott Guthrie]

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  1. [via .NET DevHammer] Nikhil Kothari just released an update for his WebDevelopmentHelper, which…

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