Big John Update

I wanted to write a quick note to say THANKS to everyone who commented or emailed to offer their good wishes or prayers for our son, John (nicknamed “Big John” by my wife). I will eventually have time to respond to emails, etc., but figured that a quick blog post was better than no response…


Blog hiatus

Hi all, A quick personal note…I will probably not be posting very much over the next few weeks. My wife and I were blessed this weekend with a new baby boy, our second, and it’s a bad news / good news kinda thing. The bad news is that he was in a bit of a…


AJAX Debugging Just Got Easier

Nikhil Kothari, who’s one of the brains behind many things ASP.NET, has just released an update to a cool utility he calls the WebDevelopmentHelper. WebDevelopmentHelper allows you to inspect the HTTP requests being sent to and from a web application, which can be very helpful in troubleshooting when something’s going wrong. Nikhil’s now added support…


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Web Wednesday: ASP.NET AJAX Overview

Tomorrow is Web Wednesday again, and tomorrow we’ll be looking at the ASP.NET AJAX Framework, currently in the Beta 2 release. This is the first of three devCasts on ASP.NET AJAX…next week we’ll look at the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit, and the following week we’ll do a deep dive into the ASP.NET AJAX Framework. Here…


Visual Studio 2005 on Windows Vista

Links to some FAQs and a list of known issues when running as admin, or as a standard user can be found at:


P&P Security WIKI

Looking for developer security info? Check out the Patterns & Practices Security WIKI on Channel 9.


Visual Studio Team System FAQs

Got a question about Visual Studio 2005 Team System? Check this site to see if it’s among the FAQs that have been posted so far:


Tip: Finding Related Exceptions

When troubleshooting applications, or when developing your own exception handling routines, it’s sometimes useful to get a better idea of which exceptions may be related to an exception you’re more familiar with. Many folks, for example, may be familar with the HttpException class, which is used to communicat information about errors with various web requests….