CFUnited – Fun with Andrew, Russ, & Marc

So I just finished my part of the three-hour ASP.NET session we're doing at CFUnited. Russ Fustino is now talking about Web Parts in ASP.NET, after sharing his Russ' Toolshed theme song and passing out t-shirts to the audience. Up next will be Marc Schweigert, talking about ASP.NET "Atlas".

We've had a fun time at CFUnited. One of the most frequent questions at the booth (and one we got several times last year) has been "What's Microsoft doing at a Cold Fusion conference?" The answer is really that we see developers as developers...not necessarily ColdFusion developers, or .net developers, or Java developers, but just developers. And developers often end up having to use and be familiar with a wide array of tools. We think we've got pretty good tools, so it seems pretty natural to want to share those with all developers, not just developers who are already using Microsoft technologies.

If you're someone who uses non-Microsoft technologies, be it Java, PHP, ColdFusion, etc., and you're interested in .net, drop me a line via the Contact link on my blog. I'd be happy to chat with you or present at your user group.

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