Cassini v2 / Visual Studio 2005 Web Server Source

This is very cool...if you want to see how the built-in local-only web server from Visual Studio 2005 works, you can get the source, thanks to Dmitry Robsman:

Here is the link to Cassini sources for v2 of ASP.NET / .NET Framework.

New to Cassini v2:

  • Cassini v2 uses new ASP.NET v2 hosting APIs (System.Web.Hosting: ApplicationManager, IRegisteredObject, etc.).
  • Cassini v2 does HTTP listenning in the default app domain (unlike Cassini v1 that did it from worker app domains). This provides a more robust app domain unloading story.


  • Cassini v2 is a sample code on how to host ASP.NET. EULA is included in the package.
  • These sources are close but not identical to ASP.NET Development Web Server that is shipping as part of Visual Studio 2005.
  • Cassini v2 requires v2.0 RTM .NET Framework. It will NOT work with v2.0 beta2.

UPDATE: The link has changed. The new link is here (and can be found at this updated post by Dmitry)

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  1. Javier says:

    I’m getting a 404 error trying to download the source code.


  2. DEvHammer says:

    Javier, I’m not sure what’s up…I’ll look into it.


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