Recent Projects in Visual Studio 2005

If, like I do, you do a lot of demos, sample projects, or just things that you tinker with, you may find that your Recent Projects list on the Visual Studio 2005 start page gets pretty full and cluttered. If so, you may have wondered if you can clear it. Well, the bad news is that there isn't a hook into this from the GUI, but you can pretty easily clear the list (or individual items) by going to the registry key where they're stored, which is:



Comments (5)

  1. Ankur says:

    Great tip.. Cheers mate!!

  2. Zootius says:

    Nice tip, very helpful!

  3. Max says:

    Thanks for the helpful tip!

  4. ClickClickBang says:

    Thanks a bunch, took four failed attempts to learn the ropes and disliked having my failures reminded to me each visit to the start page!

  5. How cool…Michael took a hack I mentioned in a post a while back, and turned it into a useful tool

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