Making the transition

Now that we've officially released Visual Studio 2005, it's definitely time for MSDN Universal subscribers to choose how they'd like their subscriptions transitioned by selecting a Visual Studio Team System client role (Architect, Developer, or Tester) for their subscription. You can make your selection here:

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  1. Daniel Chait says:

    I can’t seem to find where the difference is between Team System for Testers, Developers, and Architects.

    I see where they tell you the difference between MSDN Subscriptions here: (the upshot is that they come with the corresponding Visual Studio Team Edition). And I see where they tell you the difference between the various Visual Studio Product Editions here: — but "Visual Studio Team System" is just one of the options. They don’t ever drill down into the three differnt flavors ("Versions"? "Editions"? …? ) of Visual Studio Team System . Confusion reigns, any clarity is much appreciated.

    Thanks – Daniel

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