DotNetRocks Reston/DC is online (Baltimore, too)!

The DotNetRocks shows recorded in Baltimore and DC are now online.

I want to thank Carl, Richard, and their crew for presenting a great event in Reston, despite a rather warm meeting room (or perhaps it was the heat generated by Carl's rockin guitar stylings on Clementine). The show was great fun, and I particularly appreciate Carl and Richard allowing me to be on the show. Other Reston DNR guests included local user group leader Scott Lock, who talked about his work as a technology guy for the American Red Cross, and Sahil Malik, who discussed his position as lead DotNetRocks fanboy, as well as his participation in the local developer user group community. Also on the show are Ted Rogers, a retired Navy guy who helps older folks learn about technology, and Clyde Barretto, a local technologist and user group speaker, talks about how he got motivated to participate in the user group community by attending Code Camps.

Links to the shows:


Reston (featuring yours truly, starting at about 23:12)

Here are some pics from the Reston event (links pop full image, most are 2MB+):

 ^ Richard and Carl kick off the show and describe their GPS-enabled "follow the RV" app

 ^ Geoff, the intrepid audio engineer

 ^ Hal Hays and Scott Lock of take a break in the hall

 ^ The Toy Boy shows off one of his many Windows Mobile devices

 ^ Carl does his best guitar-trashing rocker imitation

 ^ Carl as Ethel Merman (don't ask, or at least don't ask me)

 ^ Carl and Richard interview Scott Lock

 ^ Carl and Richard interview Sahil Malik

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  1. Sahil Malik says:

    This was one awesome show I have to say.

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