Costume Contest at Security Code Camp!

We're just over a week out from the next Mid-Atlantic Code Camp, and it's time to pull the covers off of one of the surprises I have in store...a costume contest!

Given that we're holding the event just two days before halloween, this seemed like a great way of doing some giveaways.

So here's the deal...if you're planning to attend the Security Code Camp on October 29th, wear your favorite halloween costume. We'll have all attendees vote on their favorite, and the person with the most votes will win their choice of an XBOX 360 (actually, a certificate for one, to be fulfilled once the console is available) or a Portable Media Center.

Sound good? We'll get cracking on those costumes! We'll also have some prizes for runners-up, so don't feel too bad if you're not #1.

Haven't registered yet? Do it now!

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