There is no "Spang"

It has come to my attention that certain individuals are taunting their compatriots with something supposedly called "Spang".

There is no such thing. It's all an elaborate hoax designed to annoy others. Ignore these people.


At the risk of disappointing some folks, I want to be very clear...this is a joke. Anyone inclined to take this seriously should think twice. Anyone who knows the various folks who've posted about this should know better than to take them too seriously, particularly given one of the hoaxer's predilection for practical jokes (including the one that featured sending a glass of warm milk to my hotel room at 4:00am during one memorable conference).

What's more, anyone who knows my role should know that I cannot, and would not, comment on the existence of any real non-public project, particularly one that doesn't belong to me. In short, there's no secret project called spang, period. It's just the figment of the imagination of some geeks who really ought to be paying more attention to the meeting they're actually in.

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  1. Plip says:

    You would deny it.

  2. Ken Cox [MVP] says:

    I think this coordinated Spang hoax is childish and reflects badly on all MVPs.

    I wish they would stop it.

  3. Ian Smith says:

    I think you’re being a little harsh on Mr Winstanley. I think "the joke" was at the expense of those MVPs continuously posting blog entries that say nothing other than "I got excited but I can’t tell you because it’s NDA". It was a piss-take of those blogs, and a fairly obvious one at that (like Microsoft would come up with a code name as bad as that!) although on the back of so many show-boating MVP blog entries I’ve got to admit I lumped it in with the others and assumed it was genuine. I should have checked the name of the guy posting it instead of lumping it in with all those other lame entries.

  4. Ken Cox [MVP] says:

    The childish hoax seems to have been hatched in a session by ASPInsiders.

  5. Ken, dude.. chill out…

  6. Sahil Malik says:

    Thanks for clarification. I agree, as MVPs we have the responsibility of clarifying the confusion, not adding to it.

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