It’s all Geoff’s fault

OK, so I confessed in an earlier post to instigating Geoff Snowman's recent bout of gadget lust, by suggesting that he should replace his broken smartphone with the new Samsung i730 PocketPC Phone. How was I supposed to know that he wouldn't be able to resist (sorry, Mrs. S!)?

Well, now it's my turn to blame him. In a fit of envy over his new toy, I finally succumbed to my long-held desire to replace my digital camera with a DSLR. I've been eyeing the Nikon D70 for some time now, and then the follow-up to it, the D70s. I'd also considered the new D50, which while somewhat lower spec in certain areas, is also considerably more affordable than its cousins.

In the end, I went with the D70s, primarily for the faster sustained shooting rate. The reason being that I often end up missing pictures with my current camera because I'm busy waiting for the camera to finish pushing the picture from the buffer onto the storage card. No fun.

So if my wife complains, I'll tell her it's all Geoff's fault. I already checked with him, and he doesn't mind taking the blame.

Oh, and I'll post some pictures here in a minute.

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