Cool video on Independence Air and .net

One of our great partners, in my district and others, is RDA Corporation. RDA stepped up for the community in a really big way last spring, contributing an entire track on Service-Oriented Architecture to help make our inaugural Code Camp a success.

One of the folks I work with at RDA just emailed to let me know about a great video and case study they put together with Microsoft about how they helped Independence Air cut their operating costs and reduce downtime on their website by moving to .net from linux. Independence Air relies on the web to keep their costs low, so they can offer low fares, so it's definitely worth checking out their story to understand why linux, though cheap to acquire, may not be so cheap in the long run. They're also a testament to the role that partners play in Microsoft's success, and in the success of our customers.

You can find links to the video and case study on RDA's home page.

Also of note: RDA was named Partner of the Year for Microsoft's Southeast District for their great work with Microsoft customers.


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