Track topics chosen for Security Code Camp

Just had a discussion with my intrepid volunteer track chairs for the upcoming Security Code Camp, and we've settled on the three track topics to be covered:

  • Application Security - from web applications, to windows applications, and everything in-between. Validation, Encryption, Authentication and Authorization, all are welcome in this track. The track chair for this track is Vishwas Lele, who is one of the Microsoft Regional Directors for Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

  • Data Security - Protecting databases and data...from locking down database servers, to protecting secrets at the data tier, if it has to do with securing your data, this track is the place to find it. The track chair for this track is Darrell Norton, a local MVP and user group leader. Darrell is getting married tomorrow, so if you try to contact him, give him some time to respond.

  • Security Best Practices - Want to talk about Threat Modeling? Least Privilege? Code Reviews? If it's a security best practice, we'd like to see it on this track...perhaps we'll even get a warning session on security Worst Practices. The track chair for this track is Randy Hayes, who's the President of the Central Maryland ASP.NET Professionals user group and is also an MVP for ASP.NET.

So what does this mean to you? If you're thinking about attending, it gives you an idea of the topic areas we'll be covering. If you'd like to speak, it will help you to come up with session ideas for submission.

Speaking of session this space, as I'll be posting the call for speakers within the next week or so, both here on my blog, and at the official Mid-Atlantic Code Camp web site:!

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  1. .NET Security Resources from the PAG

    [Via: Anil

    John ]

    An ASP.NET Modal Panel Control [Via:


  2. I’m pleased to announce that registration is now open for the Security Code Camp we’ll be holding in…

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