MDCFUG July Meeting

From my friends at MDCFUG:

You are invited to the Maryland ColdFusion User Group Meeting on Tuesday 07/12/2005.
If you don't like the topics, come for the pizza! Just kidding!

6:30pm 'CFUNITED report' by Simon Horwith

8:00pm 'Using Webservices in Flash MX 2004 Pro - in 60 Minutes or Less' by Theo Rushin Jr.

TeraTech, Inc.
405 E. Gude Dr
Suite 207
Rockville, MD 20850

For a map or for directions: Go to

To RSVP, or to offer a ride or request a ride from Shady Grove Metro Station: Go to

Topic: 'What happened at CFUNITED-05 and what is the hot news? Learn the details from CFDJ's editor Simon Horwith'


Simon Horwith is Chief Information Officer at AboutWeb, LLC. - a Washington DC based company
specializing in staff augmentation, consulting, and training, and is the Editor-in-Chief of
ColdFusion Developer's Journal - the only magazine in print devoted exclusively to ColdFusion.
Simon has been using ColdFusion since version 1.5 and is a Macromedia Certified Master Instructor
and Member of Team Macromedia. He specializes in ColdFusion application architecture, including
architecting applications that integrate with Java, Flash, Flex, and a myriad of other
technologies. In addition to presenting at CFUGs and conferences around the world, he has also been
a contributing author of several books and technical papers. You can read his blog at

Simon Horwith can be reached at


Topic: 'Using Webservices in Flash MX 2004 Pro - in 60 Minutes or Less'

The world is full of information and it's just waiting for you to access. Ever wished you could
access the entire bible text from within your own application? How about displaying the results of
a Yahoo image search on your Flash form? Well you can and I'm going to show you how using
Webservices! In this presentation I will show you how to build a simple Flash-based Rich Internet
Application that uses webservices to query and display a worl of information. This live/interactive
demonstration will have you using webservices within your own Flash application in 60 minutes or
less - guaranteed! Or you money back!


Theo Rushin Jr is an established Coldfusion and Flash rich internet application developer. He is a
consultant at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), where he leads the design and development of
many web-based solutions. He has also tought on various occasions for the Center for Information
Technology (CIT) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). During his 6 years of web development
he has created and supported many enterprise-wide web-based application.

Theo Rushin Jr. can be reached at

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