Tech-Ed Day 1

Steve Ballmer's keynote was pretty fun. Especially interesting was some of the results of last year's rapproacehment between Microsoft and Sun, including work to make Sun's identity management solution and Active Directory work together, as well as the ability to manage non-Microsoft hardware resources (including Sun Solaris boxes) via WS-Management through Microsoft Operations Manager.

Had a chance to dash around some of the cabanas after the keynote. Bumped into Steve Smith (who runs ASPAlliance, DevAdvice, and who recently returned from a tour of duty in Iraq in January), as well as local folks like Scott Lock, Brian Noyes, and Jeff Schoolcraft (who's doing a BoF on TDD with web apps). Of course, I also had to bump into Julie Lerman (because she's, like, EVERYWHERE).

Hopefully more tech stuff as I have time to attend sessions...

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