Good news on VSTS and small dev shops

Just got some very good news for small shops who are interested in the upcoming Visual Studio 2005 Team System, and in particular Team Foundation Server, but concerned about the cost. To help address the needs of independent consultants, small ISVs, and solo professionals, we'll be including a 5-user version of Team Foundation Server with each role-based edition client of Visual Studio Team System. More details are available on Rob Caron's blog.

What folks should take from this is that when our customers speak, Microsoft listens. We heard loud & clear that the pricing we announced earlier this year didn't adequately address the needs of smaller customers. I'm glad to see that the folks responsible are taking steps to remedy this.

What do you think? Does this increase the likelihood that you'll adopt VSTS and TFS? Would you have done so anyway? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. There is one remaining big problem which affects my company drastically: Certified Partners, who previously got MSDN Universal (equivalent) level of software, will NOT be getting Team System, unlike others who had MSDN Universal.

    This is never mentioned in anyone’s blogs – I found out from a print document which apparently had been mailed to us.

    It’s quite possible that many others have assumed, like me, that Certified Partners would get the same thing other MSDN Universal subscribers will – one of the "Role-based" Team System SKUs. While that’s not perfect (people in small companies are usually Architect and Developer and Tester all at once, but we have to pick just one?) it would have been adequate.

    This won’t. We’re going to have to think long and hard about whether we pay up to go to Team System now or look for alternative solutions…

  2. Tom says:

    We’re a small shop. Prior to this announcement, we figured we’d just be able to use VS2005 w/o TFS. With this announcement, yes, we will adopt VSTS and TFS. That was a great decision MS made!

  3. Hi,

    This is very good news for us. I think MS have made the right move – from little development shops grow big development shops!

    Best regards


  4. curious says:

    Is there a document that clearly describes what executables/programs are different between the different roles in Team Systems?

    I still think that the architect vs developer vs tester roles are very artificial – in many cases (small companies, large companies with different projects), these 3 roles are usually played by the same person at different times. Why create this artificial separation?

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