’twas the night before Code Camp…

...and all through the blogosphere...

OK, I'm just not poetic enough to carry that one off, so I'll just say, I'm excited and anxious about the upcoming Mid-Atlantic Code Camp, which will kick off at 9am tomorrow morning. I had a chance to sit down with many of the user group leaders in MAD this evening, since several folks were in town for Code Camp, and we talked about a variety of ideas for growing membership and attendance, and related issues, including something we'll be announcing tomorrow.

Now I just need to try to get some sleep before the big day... 🙂

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  1. Craig Dahlinger says:

    I have to agree, I drove up from Richmond, and it was well worth it. The speakers gave great presentations and demos. I really liked that there was focus on some new technology like XQuery and SQL Server 2005, I am loading up a beta 2 test server as I type……

  2. MN says:

    Great code camp. What is the location of presentation and code archives for this event ?

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