Jam Sessions at Tech-Ed 2005

As in previous years, this year's Tech-Ed has Jam Sessions scheduled for the first several nights of the conference (see Agenda). As I recall, they'll have a room set up somewhere with PA equipment, a drum kit, and I believe some instruments as well, and folks can sign up to jam. I've not had the opportunity to participate in the jam sessions, but I have had the chance to jam with fellow geeks Richard Hale Shaw, Jeff Prosise, Carl Franklin, David Penton, and others at the most recent PDC, and last year's MVP summit, and had a lot of fun.

Are you planning to attend Tech-Ed this year? Are you musically inclined? Why not drop a comment, and perhaps we can get some jam sessions going?

Comments (6)

  1. Hey! I will be at Tech Ed this year, and I am musically inclined. I would love the chance to join the jam session. However, I sing, instead of playing an instrument. Still have room for me?


  2. I’m all over this! I play guitar and drums and I’ll plan to bring an axe and my sticks with me.

  3. We jammed together at last year’s MVP Summit. Looking forward to another jam session at TechEd 2005!

  4. Scott F. says:

    This sounds awesome, but what is the format? NEver been to teched before but I am imagining a sort of free-for-all. REalistically, how long do you have to wait to get an instrument and start playing?

  5. Kevin Remde says:

    Absolutely I’ll be jamming. I’ve always enjoyed these. (Check out a couple of pictures here: http://blogs.technet.com/kevinremde/archive/2005/04/15/403785.aspx )

  6. ericmatz says:

    I’m definitely looking forward to this. I’m not very proficient on any instruments, but I do sing!

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