Devscovery this week!

The good folks at Wintellect are putting on a cool event called Devscovery this coming week (May 3-5th, 2005) at Microsoft's Reston, VA office. Come out and see John Robbins, Jeff Prosise, Jeffrey Richter, Peter DeBetta, and Richard Hundhausen share their copious development expertise and wisdom over this three day event.

Event details can be found at:

Tuesday evening will be a special event called the Wintellect Grand Prix of Programming:

Join Jeffrey Richter, Jeff Prosise, John Robbins and Peter DeBetta as they race through the most intense programming tips, tricks and little known facts at the Grand Prix of Programming. Each gentleman will share as much as he can with you about their subject matter in 15 minutes using live demos, code samples and minimal slides. During pit stops (while the guys are switching out computers) you will have the ability to ask questions and share your thoughts. Take a spin on the Grand Prix of Programming and learn from some of the fastest minds in the industry. Topics to be covered include .NET Framework, debugging & performance tuning, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, SQL and more!

Should be fun.

One important note...just to avoid any confusion...this is not a free event. But if you can spare the time & money, this is a great bunch of folks to learn from, so it should be a very worthwhile 3 days.

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