Over the river, and through the woods…

...to WeProgram.net, I go...

Had quite the adventure yesterday getting to the WeProgram.net User Group (aka Southern Virginia .net User Group) in Hampton Roads, VA last night. I was scheduled for a 6:30pm arrival time, and left early to give myself time for traffic over and above the 3 1/4 hours MapPoint said it would take me to get there.

Well, as it turned out, it took me around 2 hours just to get to 95 south, which normally takes an hour or less. Once on 95, I made good progress, and thought I was going to be able to make it on time, or at least before the networking portion of the meeting was over anyway. Then I got a call from Mark DiGiovanni, informing me that there was an accident on I-64 between me and the meeting location. So Mark proceeded to give me directions on how to get around the accident on surface roads. Unfortunately, I managed to miss a turn and ended up driving through colonial Williamsburg, which wasn't part of the plan.

In the end, thanks to good cell phone coverage, Mark and his trusty team of map readers got me turned around and back on track, and I arrived pretty close to on time.

Thanks to Mark and the rest of the group for their patience, and for their navigation assistance. It was an adventure that I won't soon forget, as well as a reminder that I should have maps in both cars, and probably should put Pocket Streets on my smartphone, to boot (I had it on my old phone, but got a new phone a couple weeks ago, and haven't got around to adding Pocket Streets to it).

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  1. A story for the grandchildren….

    It was a fantastic presentation! Thanks for coming!


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